This blog is about iPhone and iPad applications. I also added my personal observations,articles of general interest and anything that peek my interest.

Reviewing apps is not as easy as it sounds. Although, to some writing comes naturally while, with others it is a brain racking experience. However, if you really relax without taxing your brains and let the writing flow without thinking. The key word in that sentence is THINKING.

When I look for an application to review I really do not over think. I relax and once I read or even look at an app my brain goes into automatic gear. The words come with ease but I found that I have my limitations. What are they, well, I run out ways to write creatively. Also, keeping reviews simple is easy since I am not long winded nor go on and on and on. You have to catch the readers attention and I personally found that once I start reading another person article my attention span is a nano second. The first few sentences or words have to grab me or I totally turn off. Too much jabbering or too many technical terms then that is the end for me.

I write simple and most of the time skip all the formalities with the proper English dialogue. I write the way I speak. All the articles I have read say that to draw attention to your writing it must be done in proper grammatical format. My question is WHY? If you are running a big organization than year grammar has to be dead on or your customer base will not have trust in your product. If you are making money blogging the same thing applies. But, if you are like me just blogging for fun in my own website then I pay no attention. Of course, reviewing the blog is important and of course I want to correct gross in your eye spelling errors.

What do you think about blogging with a few minor grammatical errors?


2 comments on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. Hi Scoopzzblog:

    To answer your question, multiple grammatical errors make your readers work too hard and suggest that you are careless and/or a disorganized thinker. I don’t recommend it. Your ideas are good. Do yourself a favor and enlist the help of a friend who is good with grammar and such to act as your editor. Good luck! By the way, my little bit of “this and that” can be found at http://crystalspraggins.blogspot.com/

  2. Congratulations on your idea. I run some review sites, and find that you need to have people spend at least 30 seconds on a page, otherwise it won’t be indexed by Google or rthe other search engines. So each post should have a picture and maybe a video.

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