Can’t Live With It and Can’t Live Without It

Since we have been without Wifi for 5 days now I have no idea how to occupy my idle time. I sit staring at my iPad2 wishing it to go WiFi but nothing happens. When I was a kid we didn’t have any gadgets like an iPad or cell phones. We used a pencil and a piece of paper, the sun give us the time of day and neighbors for communications. Now, we can’t live and almost shrivel away when we can’t access our electronic gadgets.

What do I do, called my Internet service provider a dozen times and no change there, read the newspapers, watch a little TV but that is not an ipad2. I need my fix, do I dare use 3G and go over my allotted gigabytes? Do I dare spend money just to see what is going on with my Facebook family and friends? Do I dare checked my email, even the junk emails too? Hell yeah!!! You think I will go without a day did you? I jumped on 3G fooling myself that if I only take a peek, it won’t cost me much, forgetting they charge by the megabyte or gigabyte not by the minute.

Ok my curiosity taken care of, for perhaps an hour in the morning, afternoon and evening I have to fill those other hours. I don’t have a hobby, I really hate to read a novel so I cleaned. You read that right I cleaned! At least I attempted to clean, since I am a couch iPad2 potato I ran out of steam 3/4 of the way with dust cloth in one hand and a furniture polish can in the other. What more can I say, it is called addiction. I need my WiFi internet fix and all will be better, or will it?

I been doing battle with the internet and cant remember my password, email address or if I changed anything with both. I usually write everything down but this time I said I will remember. So you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it

©Patricia Florenco 2012


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