Are You Setting A Trend?

There are tons of apps out there and you want the best of the best like we all do. But, hey your money can only go so far. You are spending way too much on applications for your iPad, your iPhone and of course your iPad too. I started out buying tons of applications for my iPhone4 the first few weeks. Then I purchased an iPad2 and naturally I had to purchase apps for that. Wanting to keep totally different applications on my iPhone since I use that more when I travel. So I downloaded all the travel apps I could find, free and paid. Now I have way too many. So I transferred them to the iPad2 and hardly use them. Deciding to look for the freebies out there and there are plenty and that is with a capital P. If there is an upgrade I think twice now before purchasing any since accumulating 685 paid and free ones that is enough (for now). Sometimes the freebies are just as good as the paid ones. I read the reviews but have come to the conclusion not to lean to heavily on the reviews but take them with a grain of salt. If the app is free then I can judge on my own but paid ones will think twice if the review is not that great. I have no idea how much I spend and to be truthful I’m afraid to really look but somehow I think it is in the vicinity of a new car (joking). I than noticed a trend or a method to my madness, not a lot of games but a lot of notes, odds and ends like “WotWasSaid”, iTriage and Onavo (will be reviewed next time). WotWasSaid is a neat little app that I have on my cell phone. Have you been out with friends or had a car accident and you want to jot down a note of what was said? You can’t find any paper let alone something to write with. Do you need to keep track of what you told your employee when he has a day off? With this application you can add a name, the date, a title and exactly wotwassaid. A simple to use application and you can email what was said, which to me is an added bonus. Perhaps you need to send something immediately to an attorney and you can do that right there and then. This freebie is limited to 20 entries and there is a paid version within the application itself. Recording something has it benefits but like the old sayings goes “put it in writing”. Once emailed you have a clear written record. Look to see if you are starting your own trend and I think you will find out you are. Be it games, reference, travel and notes or journals.

©Patricia Florenco 2012


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