VIDBIT – When Cameron and Antony got in touch with me about their new application VidBit I had no idea what a surprise was in store for me. Cameron and Antony of Rumbleapps are two ingenious teens who only produce the best of the best. “VidBit is Finally here! Send videos to other VidBit users and have the ability to restrict how many times they can watch! So many people have already downloaded VidBit and are using it around the world as the only solution to fast video messaging. How it works is: 1.) You take a video 2.) Pick how many times you want your friends to view it 3.) Send it! It’s super simple and so fun! Join in on the VidBit craze before you are left behind! So many more features on the way to the app, and if you have any requests, send them over to! Enjoy VidBit and start sharing!”

ACTION NOTES – As most of you all know I am a noteaholic for sure. Always on the lookout for that “illusive best out there” in cyber world so when Dave Hornsby left a comment on asking if I would be interested in his application, ActionNotes, I jumped at the chance. It is an uncomplicated yet very useful Notes/Tasks/ToDo application. The app itself looks like a spiral notebook with tabs on the side like subject dividers. You can change the color of the tabs to suit your own needs. Let’s say for example green for an ongoing project or a ToDo List. Blue for a “cool” item so no rush to get to it, you get the idea. Personally, I am already using this do keep my reviews that are pending publication, need to be written up, new ones that I found that look interesting etc. you can make different books for different projects. I blog for,as you already know, but I also have my own blog so keeping a book for each website comes in handy. I also have one tab for personal data. Your “projects” can be changed with a simple tap, turn it into an action or Todo list which in turn moves the item to a side bar. On the side bar the items can be rearranged with a simple drag and drop feature. If you are in college or high school the dividers make it easy to take notes. For the business professional I can see it being used as a quick note taker so the little things during your busy to not slip your mind. Emailing is a snap and saving your “projects” to DropBox is just as easy. ActionNotes also save your last 10 entered items if you do not want to use Dropbox. Can’t remember a task at hand? With ActionNotes all you do is a search within the app itself. This is an all around smooth application. For further information drop by their website but to view the video go to The cost is $2.99 but worth it for the iPad since it is clear and sharp. Netwalk, the developer, is always open to ideas and they are quick to respond to any requests or help.

WiFi TRANSFER – Being a noteaholic I seldom stray away from my note searches and reviews. But, while doing a my daily routine of surfing various websites for free applications I came across WiFi Transfer for photos. Well, let me tell you what a nice surprise I got with this app. It is simple to use and simple to understand, not too technical that you have to sit and decipher the instructions over several cups of coffee. A few taps on your iPad photos then a few taps on your iPhone and the photos appear,or visa versa. Personally, I am technically challenged and I found this app very easy to use so please give it a try.

PEARLTREES – Always on the lookout for unusual and unique applications Peartrees caught my eye. Instead of the mundane boring web bookmarks Pearltrees saves them as little circles affectionately called pearls. Instead of the usual shortcuts that most apps have to take you directly to a website you have pearls. The pearls are movable and you can forms “trees” in different categories. I have my Blogging websites in one “tree “which branches off to WordPress and Blogger “pearls”. On this “tree” I have a help “pearl” plus I joined a community “pearl”. One of the new updates now has sharing messages via Twitter and Facebook. The “pearls” can be placed on your “tree” according to the way you want to organize it. You can have one “Pearltrees” for shopping, one for restaurants and one perhaps for your research projects. The fun part is forming your “tree” to your own desires. Pearltrees is a community unto itself, you share your “tree” or “pearls” with others and visa versa. The community is open but as of this writting an update is coming to keep your Pearltrees garden to yourself, keep it private. Remember right now this is a community type application which you connect with other people. You pick the “pearls” you want on your tree and there many community “pearls” and visa versa. If someone likes your “pearl” they can choose to pick that. The community has technology, paranormal, web design, the arts, you name it there is a “pearl” for that. You can install a pearler to Safari similar to a bookmark or saving something to Evernote. You send it to Pearltrees and it is saved. It is a must see application that you really need to take a look at and try. Pearltrees is absolutely free to join and collect you “pearls”. You have nothing to lose by taking a peek. Read other reviews and you will see there is nothing but good things written about it. Have an interest in something special? I am sure you will find someone within the pearls community with the same interest. Find a website you want to share and put it on your tree. It is easy as 1-2-3 as it is integrated with Safari web browser. There is so much to do and see with Pearltrees that you should really take a look at the features for yourself but I am confident that once you give it a try you will be hooked.

CHEDDAR APPLICATION. – Cheddar anyone? No I am not taking about cheese but a cool app that syncs with your iPad and iPhone. Yep you got that right, an app that you download for both of your devices. I gave it a whirl and typed something on Cheddar on my iPad2 and checked the iPhone4. Guess what? It worked! I am no techie by no means so I figured I would have to at least fiddle around with the setting but nooo I didn’t. Oh I think this is going to be extremely useful because you can also access your list ar now that is cool.
©Patricia Florenco 2012


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