Seniors And Technology

Ever wonder why you are feeling left out with the new gadgets the younger generation are using? Well, I figured it out or I think I did. Being of a certain age we fall back on what we are familiar with and already know. We feel comfortable with the old fangled tube TV or a telephone with a very long stretched out cord. Using a cell phone or trying to figure out how to program our brand spanking new plasma big screen TV causes anxiety and stress, we are out of our own comfort zone. We fall back on the only thing we really know and feel ok with that.Ok so now how do we get out of the zone we have know most of our lives? What does the younger generation do to accomplish that? Are you thinking? They plunge right in without thinking. I found that out by watching my son and grandchildren. They don’t think twice about clicking this or clicking that on their iPod,iPhones or laptop. They JUST DO IT like the commercial says. They have no fear of the consequences oer losing their valued information. Maybe that isn’t too smart of them to think that way but that is how they learn and proceed to gain knowledge.We, yes I am of the older generation who grew up with the long stretched out telephone corn and tube TV, on the other hand think, re-think and over react, analyze the consequences of doing exactly what they do, plunge right in. Perhaps, we feel if we make a mistake can we re-do the programming on our new plasma? What I’df we click and clack away at the iPhone and delete somethig important? These are the questions we circulate in or heads from years of training by the generation before us. Ever hear “don’t touch that you’ll break it” anytime during your childhood? You’d be fooli g yourself if you said no. We all did and that stuck with us like glue in our heads. As time went on we were more lenient with our children and let them do a tad more than we did. When our children had children the same thing held true, they were even more lienent. Ok so you break or program the TV wrong at least you are trying. We never heard that so we never had the guts to even try. Thank goodness for some of us we are learning that trying isn’t all that bad. So get out of that comfort zone and try to learn new things. I know I am.

Coming from a none techie generation I found that most people over 50 are really catching up with the modern gadgets. The younger generation all have iPhones, iPads and iPods. The older group still try to hang on to what they are familiar with. That is something I think the over 50+ society still does but on a smaller and smaller scale as time goes by. We all are interested in seeing the new gizmos but are somewhat intimidated. Notice I used that word somewhat. We all get over the intimidation sooner or later.

There are a few applications out there for those who like nostalgia, retro TV and nostalgia radio apps. Both of these mix a combination of the new with the old. You can watch retro TV on your iPad and listen to nostalgia radio on both the iPad and iPhone. There are several apps for retro TV and old time radio shows so please do a search on iTunes for your favorites which range from scifi, horror, drama TV to Orson Wells radio shows and more. So senior citizens can mix the new with the old.

©Patricia Florenco 2012


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