Maybe this might fall under Misc. but it is my own personal story about today. I got a manicure and pedicure for Christmas. As I sat and watch the very hectic salon I noticed a slight trend. Old women in particular are really fun to watch. One lady came in and demand that see see Willy the tech did her nails last time.

The manager said sorry we have no Willy here and never did. The lady proceeded to say, ” he was tall”. The manager, trying to be as polite as can be, told her to look around at the male techs. This went on for 20 minutes with this lady walking back and forth from one end of the room to the other. she continued to circle the nail stations until she finally said, I can see him but I want my nails done.

A female tech helped her and this lady said I want to charge the manicure first. The charge card was declined do older woman said I will be right back with cash. She came back more confused the ever.

An other older female wanted black nail polish on her toes to match her nails. She sat there with an air of indignity and acted like she was the queen of the nail salon. She changed her mind 3 times, from black to a dark brown back to black. The poor tech was running back and forth with different colors.

If you observe people long enough to watch their facial expressions like the “Queen” you gain an insight to who people think they really are and what they seem to feel the are entitled to.

My WiFi was down and while a neighbor and I were outside talking to the AT&T repair person ( it is not politically correct calling them repairman) another resident came walking down e block whom I had seen in a very long time. As she approached she said “Hi Pat, I haven’t seen you in a very long time.” I responded as any normal person would with “Hi June, how are you?” June didn’t bat an eyelash and keep walking passed me as she said “not good, I have breast cancer” and kept on walking. I wonder what she expected me to say or do. Was I suppose to run after her, say wait a minute.” The neighbor who I was already talking to just gave me a blank look and took up the conversation where it left off. Did it make June feel better making a statement about her health condition? Did her bitterness make her want to make sure everyone she met knew she had breast cancer? Was it a relief to tell anyone she knew about it? June did joy know the neighbor I was chatting with so why make a statement like that in front of someone she did not know? Only she can answer that.

Dealing with the left and right hand at the same time is darn right hard. However, it can be accomplished if you call your Internet provider about a problem. First, you are asked a bunch of questions that are the typical text book ones and you give back your text book answers. After that is out of the way, you have to deal with ” we are sorry you are having such a hard time with not being able to connect.” Then it’s “let’s me call the maintenance department to see if there are any outages in your area, can I place you on hold?” What a dumb ass question, of course you can because I want to get to the bottom of my problem. You don’t really say that but are thinking it just the same. So you reply ” yes”, all the while seething inside with anger. You already told the nice person on the other end, who just ate a whole chocolate bar and has limited English and are sugar sweet, that it isn’t your computer.

You listen to fairly decent music (depending on your age that is) and sugar gets back on the phone, “thank you so much for waiting, may I ask that you please hold for a little longer while I still am trying to find out why your service is down?” Holy cow, you said all that and you could have been trying to get someone, anyone, even your grandma to get some sort of an idea. What happened to “can you please give me a few more minutes while I connect with maintenance?” Now the first time you asked me it took 30 words compared to 14. Shorter, simpler and a lot less aggravating.

I have noticed that some females when they reach a certain age (50+) they start to dress older than they are. Take a look around a store you are in. The females in that age bracket sort of look like clones of each other. Females at that age think they are not desirable, too old to dress nicley or just don’t care about their appearances.

Recently I was in a local store that sells clothing for all ages. When I looked at the people in the parking lot they all basically had the same clothes on. One had a flower cotton top with black pants, the other had black top with flowered pants while other had both flowered tops and flowered pants. My question is why? Has society dictated this dress code or is it an individual age code? You don’t see women dressed this way in magazine and in fact you really don’t see older females in magazines either. The models are under 50, skinny and all decked out with jewelry and high fashion garments.

I refuse to dress to like an old frump but I don’t want to look like a teeny bopper nor a hoochie momma. But, finding clothes that fit my “non-frumpy” look is hard. So,when I see something that suits me I grab it. Now,I have to watch the price tag on these items because certain stylish clothing have high end prices. My pocketbook won’t allow it. I shop Burlington Factory and Macy’s, both have excellent buys. You do have to look for the bargains but they are out there for sure.

Stop and really think hard, are you an old frump in the +50 category? Don’t like that happen to you, you are worth getting dressed up and you are worth spending a little time on yourself.

Ever go to the hairdresser to get a new hairdo or a simple cut and you come out looking like a bubble head? Well, it has happened to me more then once. Some, not all, hair stylist think that once you are “over the hill” you have to have the same hairdo’s that was popular in the 50’s which was either the beehive or all teased out in one big helmet looking do.

I am out of the nostalgia age and want something modern that will fit my face and my age. Mine you I don’t want purple hair or pink stripes poking out of my head but something that says wow. After trying different salons and repeatedly asking the person who has his/her hands on my head please please please no poofy style i really gave up. One person actually asked me what is poofy while another called out to the other stylist did you hear that no poofy hairstyle.

I tried doing my hair at home and it wasn’t a pretty sight seeing me covered in hair dye with my hair sticking out in a weird style. I had to give in and go to my last ditch effort salon. There I found a young girl who finally listened to me. I now have a haircut with blond steaks in my dark brown hair (yeah it is colored brown.

I often wonder why people do not smile. With children it comes automatically, teens is a toss up because it depends on their “mood” of the moment. Next are adults, who are more weary of who they smile at. Females in the 20 to 30 age bracket smile at a good looking man either to give them the idea “hey I’m free” or just a friendly greeting. and sometimes with men the approach is the same.

As we age we are even more aware of those who smile at us. The idea behind this is “what do they want from me?” Does that come from a bad experience these people had from the past or are they just suspicious by nature. I would guess a little of both. As we age some believe that in their lifetime there wasn’t much to smile at or they believe that there isn’t anything worth, at present, to be happy about.

Do an experiment, the next time you are in a store or stopped at a traffic light, take a look at the person next to you. I can bet, depending on their age, they either have a silly grin on their face or a frown. From my own experience I have noticed that children are skipping, jumping and smiling while the 60 something has deep creases on their forehead and the mouth is turned down at the corners.

Now comes the fun part. See how many drivers use their mouth to maneuver corners, park a car or just drive. I found this fascinating and only discovered it while I was at a traffic light. As the light changed the driver opened his mouth as that might help the car move forward. With that incident it became a little obsession with me to look for the opened mouth drivers. Lo and behold a pattern developed with only older drivers do that. It seems more prevalent with males than females.

Now go out there and conduct your own little psychology work up. Have fun doing it as people give off tell tail signs of what they are they thinking or feeling at the present moment.

©Patricia Florenco 2012


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