Can You Make A Decision?

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“What is a Decision?
A decision is a choice between two or more alternatives. If you only have one alternative, you do not have a decision.

Webster’s 9th Dictionary adds some richness to the idea of choice by introducing the idea of uncertainty. It has this to say about the word “decide”, the root of “decision””

I found that making a decision,any decision, has its ups and downs. First, you say wow I finally made the decision to______(fill in the blank) and a relief comes over you. A soothing release that you no longer have to go back and forth trying to figure out what you should or shouldn’t do.

But, with me, I second guess that decision and start from square one. Then I am happy with my second decision sometimes and go back to my first decision. I guess I have to feel that whatever decision I make it has to feel right. If it doesn’t feel that it it THE way I want to go then I get an uncomfortable feeling. Guess you would call it trust my gut instincts.

So what decisions have you made today?

Packing Decisions
Reading my emails I found a link to a website on how to pack for a cruise. Since I am always interested in leaning new packing techniques I immediately followed the link. Ever try to pack for 21 days in 21″ suitcase? Well, it is possible but it seems to me you have to wear the same garments several times before rinsing them out. Does the word stink come to mind? One dress, one skirt with a zipper bottom so that camps be converted to two skirts, and three tops? That is for the female traveler, now the male companion has three and three shirts. Huh? Ok so mix and match type thing but even with that mix and matching it still does not make a person look decent or smell good.

Dang it, the person who blogged about packing now has a magazine about using common sense when traveling alone. Don’t let down your guard, be carful of where you go in a foreign country or even in your own country. All this information for a single woman which is already on her guard at home or away for her abode. Why in the world would anyone get a magazine out of that beats me.

I am torn between two different website names. My journalofretirement and scoopzzblog. I could combine journalofretirement as a section of scoopzzblog but can it be visa versa?

That is the question which one covers most of my blogging. Journalofretirement is a what it is meant to be a journal of retirement, my daily nonsense of being retired. While scoopzzblog is a little of this and a little of that which might be the way to go. To combine a journal into a wherever blog might not work, for me that is. I would rather keep them separate blogs but going back and forth is not for me. I can’t see how one person can keep several blogs.

Which blog will a reader really stop and take a look at journalofretirement, which might lead them to believe that it is only for people who no longer work while scoopzzblog with peak interest besides the retired. I think I am answering my own question. Incorporating journalofretirement with scoopzzblog might be the way to go. Unless, there is a different blog name I can come up with. Originally I used my name but that didn’t seem to be interesting enough, to me that is.

What makes an interesting name for people to actually stop to take a look. I have, over the years, saw many a silly, crazy or unusual blog names that either I totally ignored or actually wanted to examine its contents.

©Patricia Florenco 2012


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